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Juhudi Africa Programme

Juhudi is an organization, dedicated to working with children, families,
and communities in Kenya to reach their full potential by addressing
root causes of poverty and offering suitable interventions.

Climate Change.

Project Description

Climate change

Juhudi Africa Programme’s strategic focus on climate change lies on implementation of sustainable actions to promote green growth and climate change justice through innovative solutions, covering policies, financing, technologies, partnerships and multi-stakeholder processes.

Core Areas of Competence:

Public engagement and mobilization

JAP is cognizant and advocates for the increased demand by hundreds of civil society organizations, youth groups, trade unions, faith groups, and the private sector on their governments and inter-governmental bodies for ambitious climate actions and environmental issues and to implement international sustainable development agreements.

Policy Advocacy
JAP advocates for formulation and implementation of national Climate Change and Environmental Governance Policies and Programs; engaging in policy processes on domestication of international environment agreements; contributing to governmental input to regional and global policy on climate change and environmental matters; and facilitating local NGO networks’ participation in regional & global policy dialogue.

Climate Accountability

Climate justice is a growing global movement based on the belief that people have a right to a stable climate and deserve protection from the dangers of hazardous climate change.

Through the legal system JAP works with other CSOs targets government authorities and force political leaders to fulfil their duties to protect people’s human rights. This process provides an overview of what steps to take when bringing governments in Africa to court over their climate inaction. At JAP, we advocate for governments and inter-governmental bodies to efficiently implement sovereign commitments to human rights in the context of environmental, climate justice and health. Government accountability will be achieved through: compliance scorecards; monitoring achievement of environmental, health and climate justice; and training CSOs on compliance monitoring.

Climate Change Research, Knowledge Development and Communication

Research and knowledge Through building dynamic research functionality for targeted research that supports JAP’s advocacy agenda; enhanced monitoring of outcomes of JAP’s interventions; and to understand public perceptions of climate change and inform the development of effective risk communication and policy messages to the public. Climate change communication examines a range of factors that affect and are affected by how we communicate about climate change.

Building Institutional and governance for Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change

JAP focuses on the challenge of strengthening institutions’ capacity to understand and address the impacts of climate change on development. JAP offers insights from practical experience programmes and introduces a framework for building capabilities that can inform initiatives seeking to enhance adaptation across different contexts.

Our projects

Climate Smart Agricultural Practices to address food and nutritional Security in Africa

JAP in collaboration with International Centre for Social Economic Development (ICSED) are working jointly on training local farmers on adopting CSA practices so as to increase productivity and enhance food and nutrition security in Africa.

East Africa Geo-Aquacultural Development Project (EGhaP)

JAP together with International Centre for Social Economic Development (ICSED), Rio Fish Limited and JKUATES are working on the EGhaP project to create Institutional, policy and regulatory framework required for successful exploitation of geothermal energy in enhancing small scale fisheries development and agrifood sector furthering the attainment of sustainable food and nutrition security through fisheries production, better fish preservation and storage, and reduction of losses and waste along the food chain.

Community resilience and climate change adaptation in semi-arid lands through construction of water pans and dams

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