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Juhudi Africa Programme

Juhudi is an organization, dedicated to working with children, families,
and communities in Kenya to reach their full potential by addressing
root causes of poverty and offering suitable interventions.

Production Sectors:.

Project Description

• Production Policy and Administration,
• Agriculture-Juhudi Africa Programme (JAP) is dedicated to work with other Local and International Organizations to improve the social and economic status for the rural poor in Africa. JAP’s Agricultural, Forestry, livestock and Fisheries (policies, education, training and research) Production and Productivity Facilitating diverse agricultural production and improved productivity by enhancing farmer access to sustainable sources of information, training, extension services, improved technologies and inputs. Examples include: • Supporting private sector firms or cooperatives to offer embedded training and extension services on a commercial basis. • Encouraging youth and women entrepreneurs to establish sustainable micro enterprises offering needed services, • Launching village-based advisor activities in selected counties. • Expanding and developing input supply models, incorporating new models that respond to specific geographic areas, and commodities, focusing on inclusion and cost efficiencies. Increase access to inputs and services by co-sponsoring agro-dealer platforms and launch of private sector embedded extension driven by agro-dealers and;

• Agriculture Policy and Administration Support
• Food Security
• Agricultural water resources
• Plant and Post-harvest protection
• Facilitation of extension services

Project Details

  • Date August 10, 2019
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