Speech by the chairman Juhudi Africa, Mr Muchiri, on the role of civil society

­­­­While addressing An NGO consultative forum, the chairman highlighted the need of strengthening civil society to act as a counter balance to the state and also act as a partner in development. He lauded the role that NGOs have played in the provision of services such as water, Education, Health and general development in the country.

The chairman also brought the attention of the seminar of the role HIV AIDS, early pregnancies, child prostitution are contributing to the increasing levels of poverty in the country. He noted that more resources should be devoted to these causes in order to safeguard the gains that have already been made in the attainment of Millennium goals.

He appealed to the government to view civil society as a partner rather than an adversary in the country. The chairman also appealed to international development partners to shift more resources to civil society, where he noted that for every 100 US$ given to civil society about 70 US$ goes directly to the intended beneficiaries as opposed to the government which translates to 25 US&-30 US$. He noted that more cooperation should be done between the local and international partners to improve the capacity of civil society to carry out its mandate.